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Project Partners

Project Partners

Plant Integrity Ltd

Plant Integrity Ltd (Pi) is a high-tech manufacturing and technical services company that provides advanced NDT inspection equipment, consultancy, customised software and engineering services that support modern industrial plants and structures. Its flagship product Teletest FOCUS+ R is the first commercially available system to utilise long-range guided wave ultrasonic testing for detecting corrosion in pipelines at inaccessible areas e.g. insulated and sleeved pipework, road crossings, elevated on pipe racks etc. Pi strives for excellence in all aspects of business, developing and bringing new technologies, tools, services and products to a global market in the fields of plant inspection, NDT and integrity management. Founded in 1997, and wholly owned by TWI Ltd, Pi has been at the forefront of Guided Wave inspection and monitoring research and is considered a market leader in providing support to its clients with equipment, training and mentoring. Pi can claim numerous innovations to improve performance of their in-house ultrasonic equipment. In particular, the ability to focus ultrasound at specific positions in a pipe, marinisation of transducer arrays for under water inspections, permanently mounted equipment, multi-mode excitation, wireless communication, automated frequency selection for optimal ultrasonic performance, etc. Pi works with government agencies, local authorities, government-regulated industries and the private sector to provide safe and reliable pipelines, offshore oil platforms, onshore oil fields, railways, wind turbines, tidal turbines, and civil infrastructure, such as safe bridges, roads, airports, tanks and other metal structures as well as a number of nuclear power utilities. The company is well positioned to offer a degree of expertise and product knowledge to diverse industries requiring NDT inspection for risk based assessments (RBA), fitness-for-service assessment (FFS), structural health monitoring (SHM) and bespoke solutions for condition monitoring. Pi’s services are truly global with 180 customers in 40 countries. Its annual turnover has increased to £5M and its staff complement to 30 by offering a combination of guided wave and other specialist services.


Innovative Technology and Science Limited (InnoTecUK) is a dynamic, fast growing and progressive robotics and automation solution provider specialising in development of innovative and novel industrial robotic systems to overcome complex sensing, measurement, control, automation and inspection challenges.

InnoTecUK has a diverse client base encompassing aerospace, chemical, food processing, maritime, renewable energy, power generation, nuclear and oil & gas sectors in UK, EU and Asia.

InnoTecUK is focused on delivering client-led solutions to maximise life-cycle production asset values. Innovation of novel mechatronic systems to overcome complex sensing, measurement, control, automation, and inspection challenges is our intellectual passion.

Consistently delivering value and technical excellence under harsh operating conditions is the key to our success. Bespoke solutions, tailored to client requirements, supported by advanced platform technologies are the essence of this.


Brunel University London has been highly successful in creating an industrial innovation research resource, named Brunel Innovation Centre (BIC), which sits between the knowledge base and industry, supporting partners in industry to transfer academic research into industrial application. Brunel has a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the following research areas: (i) Power ultrasonics; detection, cleaning of fouling and fouling prevention techniques non-invasively software (ii) Smart NDT; autonomous devices, miniaturised multifunction systems for NDE in bespoke environments; marine, high temperature, aerospace, pattern recognition hardware / software, (iii)Active SHM and Condition Monitoring (iv) Design of associated hardware and software (v) Signal and image processing and numerical modelling - Noise reduction, signal condition and control (including active vibration control), data interpretation and analysis, (vi) Automation and robotics of inspection system, (vii) Improved or new and robust sensors (Piezoelectric, Electromagnetic) e.g. high temperature inspection, transduction (viii) Electronics - Low power consumption for multiple channels, wireless, high speed, wideband, fast bps, energy harvesting.


Jackweld is a specialist industrial consultancy providing resources and management support to industrial process development and R&D projects, in the manufacturing, infrastructure and mining sectors, including areas including specialist welding, ultrasonic integrity monitoring, structural assessments, machine and tooling design, moisture measurement, and pharmaceutical processing techniques.

Cedar Metals Ltd

After a career of over 40 years in the metallurgical processing industry, David Rowe (Eur.Ing. C.E.D Rowe B.Sc. C.Eng. C.Sci. FIMMM, FWeldI) formed Cedar Metals Ltd.in 2004, a metallurgical consultancy company specialising in non-ferrous metals and rare earths from ore to fabricated products in particular refractory metals and corrosion resistant materials for the Aerospace, Defence, Chemical, Electronic, Furnace, Oil and Gas, Nuclear and Glass industries, general powder metallurgical processes including Metal Injection Moulding and friction stir welding of steel.